Continues the tradition of the AKD switchgear line while delivering enhanced arc flash protection. Built to ANSI standards, its protection features include non-vented panels on the AR only, standard may have ventilation on rear doors or on auxiliary compartments.

Bus insul/isol is optional on AKD-20, standard on AR , and it integrates the state-of-the-art EntelliGuard® breaker-trip unit system.

It also features an optimized footprint that fits into a smaller area for the most common configurations.

EntelliGuard® G circuit breakers are low voltage circuit breakers, the next step in the evolution of a line known for exceptional reliability and performance.

They are available from 800 A up to 6000 A on AKD-20, 5000 A on AR, with fault interruption ratings up to 150 kAIC – without fuses.