Whether you need product upgrades and modifications, safety enhancements, or obsolete equipment re-engineering, we have solutions for your switchgear, switchboards, motor control centers, busway, panelboards, breakers, and more.

EntelliGuard® R Retrofit: Streamlined solution to update your legacy circuit breakers.

SecoVac R Retrofill: Direct replacement for existing vacuum circuit breakers (both standard and roll-in design).

Power Break® Retrofit: Engineered solution for the complete retrofit of both draw-out and fixed-mounted PBI circuit breakers.

Medium Voltage LIS (Load Interrupter Switch) Retrofits: Provides reduced Arc Flash incident energy levels for customers on their existing MV equipment.

EntelliGuard® Trip Unit Conversion Kits:  incorporates advanced algorithms that enable arc flash protection and selectivity.

Limitamp Conversion Kits: Upgrades from original air break main contactors to vacuum interrupters.

Arc Vault™ Protection Systems: Upgrade the new standard for arc fault protection. It can be retrofitted onto existing GE or other manufacturers’ low voltage equipment, including switchgear, switchboards and MCCs.

Remote Racking: Allow to drawout in and out remotely a switchgear breaker. A 30 ft. cable allows user to be up to 30 ft. away from the breaker during the racking operation.

Remanufactured MVT Trip Units: extending the lifecycle of the no longer manufactured MicroVersaTrip Plus™ and MicroVersaTrip PM™.

MCC replacement starters and feeder units: During the equipment’s lifespan, a customer may modify or expand facilities, causing a need to change buckets within lineups. New buckets are available for 7000, 7700, 8000, E9000 and MNS MCC’s.

Maintenance Parts:

Standard maintenance and replacement parts for all current and legacy products.