Group Mounted (ANSI)

Group Mounted (ANSI)

Group-mounted circuit protective devices are an assembly of units mounted on a panelboard type chassis. Units may be molded-case breakers, fusible switches, customer metering and surge protective devices.

Our group mounted switchboard product lines offer a broad range of features and capabilities providing the optimum solution for a wide range of needs.

Spectra* Series Switchboard 

Line offers the bolted and pressure connected designs along with draw-out or stationary mains. Suitable for commercial applications, available in three models: the AV1 1200A, the AV2 5000A, and the AV5 5000A. Integrated submetering with EPM1500/EPM4500 is optional.

ReliaGear™ SB Switchboard

Group mounted sections utilize a panelboard mount arrangement like that used in ReliaGear neXT distribution panelboards. ReliaGear SB is available up to 6,000 A and 600 VAC. Plug-in group-mounted distribution sections allow for devices, such as circuit breakers, to be installed anywhere on the bus stack.

Individually Mounted (ANSI)

Individually Mounted (ANSI)

Feature individually-mounted breaker compartments for ABB’s complete product family of insulated case breakers.

Power Break II Switchboard can house insulated case circuit breakers as mains, ties, and feeders; and low voltage power circuit breakers as mains and ties. AV-3 Access (AV3) provides individual compartments for molded case breakers serving as mains, ties, or feeders.

Up to 6000A main bus
150kAIC @ 480V, 100kAIC @ 600V
Individual breaker compartments, including 100% rated molded case breakers

Both switchboards lines offer an outstanding cost effective, alternative to the more robust switchgear constructions. Feature simple designs that allow for rapid field modification and maintenance – a must for use in applications where system downtime is absolutely unacceptable.