Proline Panelboards

Proline panelboards 

ProLine panelboards are the perfect and compact solution for applications where reliable power distribution is critical to their operations. They provide an innovative and high-performance approach to branch circuit protection by featuring PLU700M based on SUP200M and S800U Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs). ProLine panelboards are the electrical industry’s first current-limiting, touch-safe and fully coordinated UL 67 panelboard. Applications include Critical power –  Data Centers, hospitals, airports, marine, Commercial buildings – Shopping malls, banks, Education – Universities.


Fully coordinated
Touch Safe – IP20
Pluggable breaker with non-energized, bolt-on screw
Advanced MCB technology to quickly mitigate short circuit faults
225A and 400A busbar
12, 24, 42, 84* circuit
35 kAIC Series rating (240V)
14 kAIC Series rating (277/480V)
Fully rated feed through Lugs
1A to 100A branch breakers