ReliaGear Lighting Panelboards

ReliaGear Lighting panelboards

ReliaGear™ Lighting Panelboards feature increased breaker density and the superior SACE® FORMULA A2 & SACE® Tmax® XT circuit breakers as mains and sub-feeds in the RQ, RL, RE, and RS to experience XTreme performance.


Circuit breakers from 15 A to 800 A
Maximum short circuit rating is equal to 100 kAIC at 240 V AC and 480/277 V AC with series rating of 100 kAIC at 480 V AC and 200 kAIC at 240 V AC
Extruded split neutrals to simplify wiring and help speed installation
NEMA enclosures offer ample gutter space
Increased amperages and sub-feed circuit count
Advanced electronic trip units within compact frames
Thousands of configurations and optional embedded surge protection devices, main metering, or branch circuit metering available