ReliaGear neXT Power Panels

ReliaGear neXT Power panels

ReliaGear neXT features a modular, field-modifiable panel design and ABB’s groundbreaking Tmax® XT circuit breakers to simplify installation and servicing and enhance energy efficiency.


Circuit breakers from 15 A to 1200 A
Short circuit rating is equal to 100kAIC at 480V or 65kAIC at 600V
A field-reversible bus stack that can be flipped 180 degrees to accommodate top or bottom feeds without extra parts.
Tmax XT circuit breakers, featuring spring-loaded primary disconnects designed for fast installation and replacement with the connection security of a bolt-on.
Cloud connectivity with built-in metering for real-time data analysis.
IP20 finger-safe feature in select models.
Compact circuit breakers that enable higher power density.
The versatility of factory-assembled and unassembled deliveries.
Easy configuration