Synchronous Motor Control Field Panels

Synchronous Motor Control Field Panels

Designed to replace existing synchronous motor exciters, whether ABB or other manufacturers’ models, ABB Synchronous field panels include state-of-the-art digital controls, long lasting SCR switching devices, communications, and many optional features.

ABB Limitamp Synchronous Field Panels are offered for both brush and brushless synchronous motors. Both types of field panels are equipped with the GE Multilin SPM solid-state synchronous field application and protection module. The SPM replaces older discrete devices such as DC current and voltage relays, DC meters, etc.

Main Feature and Benefit

CR7069-B3 Brushless and CR7069-A3 Brush, Collector-ring, type

Synchronous Motor Field Panels interconnect with a separate motor controller or circuit breaker motor feeder to provide the control necessary to control and protect a brushless or collector-ring (brush-type) synchronous motor.
NEMA 1 (standard) indoor floor mounted enclosure (60″H  32″W  30″D)
GE Multilin SPM drawout relay
Variable autotransformer & and rectifier for max. 7 ADC, 125 VDC rated exciter field. Manual adjustment of the autotransformer is available from front of the enclosure door.
Motor exciter application relay
Field application and discharge contactor
Field discharge resistor (separately shipped for top-of-panel mounting)
Interface provisions for remote motor controller or circuit breaker motor feeder wired to terminal board