Power Transformer Up to 1,000 MVA

Power Transformer Up to 1,000 MVA

Prolec GE transformers are used in a wide range of utilities, commercial and industrial applications. High-grade materials, combined with state-of-art technology in our design and manufacturing systems are key elements of a transformer that will deliver years of high reliability service.

With more than 300,000 MVA installed worldwide in more of 35 countries around the world; Prolec GE has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to design, build, optimize and deliver solutions to the electric industry.

Product Scope

1000 MVA 3 or 500 MVA 1
550 kV (1675 kV BIL)
50 or 60 Hz
LTC in HV or LV, or DETC in HV
Meets or exceeds current ANSI, IEEE, CSA and IEC standards